Is it your first time in Budapest, or yet another trip to Hungary? Are you alone or with your friends? Is it a vacation or a business trip? Is it the Sziget festival that called your attention to the city? How much do you know the Hungarian capital? Join us here and now for a journey into Hungarian arts and culture!

If you wish to know more about Budapest, Hungary, Hungarian traditions, culture, arts, and particularly the similarities and differences between what you have experienced on your trips to other European capitals and what you see here, you have just found the best art guide to the cultural discovery of our city!

The Gotuppictures website grants you access to city maps with highlights on art institutions, museums, galleries, showrooms and other exhibition venues. These painted, colored ©2017 Google Maps will guide you through the city, give you a detailed presentation of the historical Inner City, the magical Castle District and the coolest spots in town: so if you wish to see the typical sites and maybe more – e.g. the everyday life and the favorite art venues of Budapestians, this website offers you the best tourist art guide.

By clicking on the pinpoints or the venues’ names of list under the maps, you will get their full general information; as to the venues highlighted by a CLICK stamp of list under the maps, they provide a detailed description of the exhibition spaces’ services and awesome photos of their exhibitions. As to additional information, you may enquire about the learning activities organized by museums and galleries for kids and adults in English, German and other languages. Exhibition spaces provide one or more hyperlinks leading to the official sites of current exhibitions, where you will find all the necessary information about exhibitions and related events.

Click on each logo appearing on the website to find pages featuring official information about the current exhibitions in Budapest. Budapest gives home to nearly five hundred art and other exhibition spaces, awaiting art lovers with a plethora of activities. Vernissages, guided visits, wine tastings, musical soirées and workshops are great opportunities for you to feel fantastic with your family or friends and get the most special memories of the versatile Hungarian culture!

We as the Editorial Staff of Gotuppictures wish a wonderful time and a truly enrichting entertainment to all Travellers arriving to Budapest.




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