The Gotuppictures website was launched in 2016 with the aim of providing an easy access to Hungarian culture, with a focus on fine arts and contemporary art life in Budapest to visitors and expatriates in the city, by uploading handmade maps of Budapest showing the exhibition spaces, museums, galleries, showrooms and other art venues of Hungary’s capital city, and creating a database of those venues. The website was created based on the Hungarian site Kiállítótérkép kiallitoterkep.hu: its contents are the English version of the Hungarian website.

Gotuppictures and Kiállítótérkép are websites developed in Hungary and based on their creators’ original ideas. Logo design: Melinda Skriba – 2016; Website design: netPR.hu –  2016; Anya Művek, anyamuvek.hu (click on name) – since 2017

The maps available at Gotuppictures and Kiállítótérkép are made by independent Hungarian designer Anna Linda Knoll (annalindaknoll.com). The technique used when creating the maps has been inspired by the following: • Hoechsmann, M. & R. Poyntz, S. (2012) Medialiteracies: A Critical Introduction. London, Wiley Blackwell. • Beke, L. (2014) Imagination/Idea: The Beginning of Hungarian Conceptual Art: The László Beke Collection, 1971. Budapest, tranzit.hu – ERSTE Stiftung – JRPRingier. • Architecture with the People, by the People, for the People: Yona Friedman (Coleccion Arte Arquitectura AA MUSAC). Barcelona, MUSAC–Actar (2011). • Megyik, J. (2012) The Space of the Image. Budapest, Ludwig Múzeum – Kortárs Művészeti Múzeum.

Zsuzsanna Ugrin a Budapest-based art historian and translator between English, French and Hungarian, is a permanent partner of Kiállítótérkép / Gotuppictures’s Editorial Staff. She provides for us the English translation of the Gotuppictures website’s text. She works at the Foreign Languages Centre of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Department of Economics and Social Sciences) as a member of the French language teachers’ group. She also teaches Translation for Special Purposes between English, French and Hungarian for the Translator and Interpreter Training Center of the University. We would like to express our gratitude to Zsuzsa for her thorough and careful work.

Special thanks: to all our helpers, friends, exhibition spaces’ staff, cooperative partners, and our families.




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Dear Visitor,

I am a passionate book lover, keeping on reading since my earliest childhood. When I see a map, it fills me with excitement: I feel each of them has got, just like books, a mystery to cipher out.

In 2011, I started visiting, one after the other, Budapest’s exhibition spaces, museums, galleries, showrooms and other art venues, thinking this was an excellent opportunity to take long walks in the city, taking photographs of the streets and the beautiful Hungarian buildings, and to explore districts further away from my home, with, of course, a special focus on Hungarian fine arts, my all-time preoccupation.

Having grown up in the countryside, it was only in 2000 that I moved to the capital to start my university studies. Beforehand, I had made very few visits to Budapest, and they left me without real experiences about the city: this was why I took such a pleasure in my city walks and one-day trips.

Budapest is such a beautiful city, with so many interesting neighborhoods and fascinating exhibition spaces presenting amazing artworks, that I still have not completely got to know Hungarian art, nor have I managed to visit each and every exhibition space (the city without its agglomeration covers 525.2 km2, the population density is 3300 people per km2).

The idea of drawing maps of the city and using them to present Budapest’s exhibition spaces, with an insight to the capital’s contemporary art life, was brought to me by my passion for a movie. This wonderful picture is ‘The English Patient’ (dir. Anthony Minghella, 1996, Miramax Films), a fascinating and poignant story accompanied by Hungarian singer Márta Sebestyén’s ravishing music.

Map design is a complex process, involving a huge number of factors that must be observed so that the final map be well-drawn, pleasant, and fit for its original purpose. When I draw my maps, I am inspired, besides all the necessary research, by impressions such as prehistoric cave drawings, old historical maps, international touristic and thematic maps seen during my trips, children’s games, my concert experiences, talks with friends at exhibition venues, a beautiful view from a building, the scenery from a mountain top, the Earth seen by a plane window, photographs of the most amazing places in the world, romantic sunsets, a glass of cool water when I’m thirsty, a beautifully arranged plate, the cut and pattern of a nice dress, the behavior of animals, and my favorite books and films.

A huge number of wonderful films, Hungarian and international, are shot in Budapest. We Hungarians are glad and fond of the fact that directors and producers are willing to come and make international films in our homeland. I wish that each and every visitor of the Gotuppictures website find the Budapest maps and the database available at gotuppictures.com really useful in discovering the city’s exhibition spaces, to have awesome experiences in Budapest, to take plenty of photos, videos and selfies (!), and feel like the characters of the most beautiful romantic movies in their happiest moments.

Anna Linda Knoll
Editor-in-Chief of Gotuppictures site