At the editorial desk of the Gotuppictures website, we see hundreds of amazing photos and videos everyday, mainly of exhibitions and exhibition spaces, along with fantastic far-away cities and landscapes, but above all, of Budapest, capital of Hungary – our home. These sources of visual information can bring lots of pleasure and arouse our curiosity of the world outside, still we uphold that one can only get to know Budapest, our city, by visiting it personally and experiencing its unique charms and fascinating vibe.



The Gotuppictures website is an online art guide to Budapest: a thematic collection of pictures and a free, open content online database presenting the city’s art and other exhibition spaces. Gotuppictures.com is also seen by us as an exhibition venue, a showroom, or even a white cube: our colored ©2017 Google Maps are updated regularly (every 1-2 months). Thus, new uploads to our website appear just like new exhibitions in galleries.



1. On the homepage, click on Get-Up-to-Maps and select a map.

2. Click on the selected map’s name.

3. Pick the perfect options for your cultural journey. Click on the pinpoints for more details and get directions.

4. You can also find the names of the exhibition spaces under the maps to get detailed information about them. Click on the names.

5. Watch the picture galleries of the venues to see them before your visit.

6. Click on pictures, symbols, icons and logos everywhere, for each element of the site contains useful information, leading you to the homepages of the exhibition spaces.

7. Returning to our home page, use Search to find exhibition spaces (you can give the venue’s name both in Hungarian and in English).

We at the Gotuppictures website wish you a creative, amusing and fast search among Budapest’s exhibition spaces, museums, galleries, showrooms and other art venues, and a comfortable visit of all the places you wish to see in Budapest, providing you with a deeper insight to Hungarian art, and introducing you to the exciting cultural life in Hungary’s capital city.