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Browse our maps. Buda Castle, the Inner City and Budapest’s central districts: Maps 1 to 6; surroundings of the Inner City: Maps 7 to 14; districts at a greater distance from the Inner City and the outskirts of Budapest: Maps 15 to 24.

By clicking on the pinpoints or the venues’ names of list under the maps, you will get their full general informationThese factsheets are uploaded to the Gotuppictures site by Budapest museums, galleries, showrooms and other exhibition spaces themselves, to make sure you always get the most up-to-date information at our site. Each of our registered exhibition spaces specifies a hyperlink giving you direct access to their current exhibitions and events.

As for 2017, the database of the Gotuppictures website includes the names, full addresses and other information of nearly 550 Budapest exhibition spaces. By using the ©2017 Google Maps, this website has been developed in Hungary.


Explore Budapest! Visit the museums, galleries, home galleries, studios, studio galleries and other exhibition spaces in the Castle and the Inner City. Choose an evening exhibition event presenting other art forms or perhaps including a concert. Try wine tasting in a Hungarian museum or gallery! During art festivals, Budapest displays a particularly sparkling variety of events. Get to know the greatest masters of Hungarian art in the art dealers’ Falk Miksa Street. Have a look at contemporary works by different generations of Hungarian artists in the galleries of Bartók Béla Street. Or simply take a walk in the streets of Budapest with a Gotuppictures map in hand, and drop by the art venues closest to you! (Visits to most of Budapest’s galleries and showrooms are free of charge.)

If you prefer visiting exhibitions in company of others, join a Budapest art walk! The art walks organized in Budapest are led by art historians guiding art lovers through the milestones of Hungarian art, bringing to them the freshest and most exciting Hungarian and international art news, and often even showing them to the studios of Hungarian artists.

Budapest is a favorite of art collectors: thanks to the expertise of Hungarian art valuers and art historians, they may purchase works of art of exceptional quality and particular beauty or antique treasures and rare objects in a perfect state; meanwhile, Hungarian art dealers also offer smaller paintings and art objects in the most popular styles for those who cannot afford the top category. On most Hungarian art venues’ websites, you may find information about the artists available through them. In most cases, the websites feature attractive photos and detailed descriptions of the art objects for sale; furthermore, exhibition spaces’ newsletters regularly inform collectors and art lovers on art objects currently available. Customers may ask for information on the artworks for sale on telephone, in e-mail or personally; they can also take part in auctions online, by telephone, or personally during the autumn, winter and spring auction seasons. Besides, a steadily increasing number of Hungarian art dealers, collectors and gallery owners operate performant and trusted web stores through their websites.

If you spend more than a few days in Budapest, plan a one-day art trip to the districts further away from the city center, where exhibition spaces offer wonderful entertainment opportunities: guided tours and learning activities connected to the collections of Hungarian and international artists, as well as cheerful amusement for families with kids, with plenty of outdoor activities in the summer period, organized in the green spaces of the city and nature protection areas around it.

Throughout the city, exhibition spaces await children, young people and art lovers seeking for active relaxation, offering a wide range of learning activities and workshops. At several venues, special learning activities are held for mentally or physically challenged visitors, within integrated group activities if required. In the summer, the exhibiting institutions’ art educators invite children to exciting art camps. Besides Hungarian, some of them also launch foreign-language groups. The art historians and educators organizing the exhibition spaces’ learning activities cooperate closely with the linguistic departments and organizers of Budapest’s international cultural institutes. Artists, art collectors, art historians, aesthetes, educators, and everyone interested, may find opportunities to enlarge Hungarian art’s international relations and deepen international cultural partnerships through the conferences organized by museums, galleries and Budapest art associations, and the lectures (and series of lectures) held at art fairs and festivals.

These maps will be a particularly important source of information about Budapest’s exhibition spaces for those who spend a period of several months in Hungary as university students or participants at international projects, but also for those who have decided to settle in Budapest: with plenty of time to explore Hungarian culture, traditions and customs, they can use the maps to get ideas for going out with friends and finding the most suitable cultural events in Budapest.

By presenting you the exhibition spaces of Hungary’s capital city, we wish you Visitors a wonderful time and a refreshing entertainment in Budapest!