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Rehydrant Project—for we believe in the importance of its environment-friendly, economical, healthy and secure realization. Conceived and planned by Hungarians, Rehydrant Project was triggered by the lack of public drinking fountains. In Hungary, drinking taps can be installed on above ground hydrants present at least every 150 meters in all residential areas. On the pressing of the button, these vivid blue drinking taps mounted on bright red hydrants let out drinking water for 15 seconds through a single outflow point, leaning on which one can consume fresh and pure drinking water in urban public spaces. The very essence of the idea is, at the same time, to maintain the original fire safety function of the hydrants. Click on the Rehydrant Project logo displayed on each page of our website to find the exact locations of the “Rehydrants” in Budapest! The Budapest “Rehydrants” are the propriety of the Budapest Waterworks and the Budapesti Városarculati Nonprofit Kft. (“Budapest City Identity Nonprofit Ltd.”), and can be used from the beginning of spring to the first autumn/winter frosts.


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